I almost lost my glow.

As a girl, I was surrounded by a circle of women who empowered me to be.  From the beginning, I was encouraged to glow and let it shine.  Never let anyone dim my light.  Positive self esteem…oh yes I had oodles of it. But like most of us, my life took a major turn.  

As a young woman, I fell in love with a guy.  I was head over heels.  It started off amazing.  I had found the one.  The guy of my dreams.  Like all couples, we experienced ups and downs. But two years later, I found myself in domestic violent relationship. As a result, I was broken.  My spirit and self esteemed were crushed.  The young woman, was once known to be so full of life and self confident, was flat lining. I hid my pain from my circle and my light diminished.  Courageously, I found strength and worked hard to remove myself from the toxic relationship. When I took time for my life, that's when self healing began. 

In my healing journey, I remembered the many affirming words I received from the positive strong women in my life - You are worthy.  God reminded me of my worth. You are a bad chick.  There’s no one like you. Remember who are you.  I missed that sisterhood.  I needed that sisterhood.  That circle of glow.  For a minute, I almost forgot how dope I was.  So reconnected with my circle.  With their support, I rediscovered the woman I was designed to be. I begin a spiritual journey of healing and slowly my glow came back.  With this new found revelation of how amazing I was, I was empowered.  In time, I was glowing like never before.

After my own personal experience, I felt the urge within to share my life story and be a sister to those in need.  I used my life lessons to help bring out the best in others.  I begin to help men, women and teens revise their life.  I responded to the needs of the human spirit helping people find meaning, self worth, or simply being a sensitive listener. 

Throughout life, we all have experiences that cause us to lose sight of who we are.  We become lifeless and lightless.  Remember you were designed to glow and you'll find sisterhood in our community. 

Ehmandah Ramsey