Fits Just Right


As a little girl I would love to play dress up. I would wear my sister clothes, jewelry and of course her high heel shoes. I felt like a princess. You should have seen me. I was the most Beautiful girl in the world.  You couldn't tell me nothin'. 

I looked in the mirror with ultimate satisfaction. I acted like this character of woman that I'd never met. But hey I was a princess!

As I walked across the room in the heels that were 4x too big I stumbled and fell still rockin'  my imaginary crown. I wore shoes that weren't mine. I knew it but I looked too good.  After awhile the heels started to hurt so I took them off and put on my own shoes. Oh my gosh my feet felt so much better and I could walk with ease.  Still feeling beautiful as ever.

As I think back to those days it reminds me of how sometimes as women we try to walk in someone else's shoes.  We try to live in someone's shadow. We try to be something we're not just to fit in.  Even changing the pure essence of who we are.

You are absolutely beautiful and amazing. Don't be a fake. Be you.  Don't walk in her shoes walk in your own. Embrace Your Journey. Be the beautiful you that you were created to be.


e. ramsey