Yo...Treat Yo Self

I don't know about you but I put in work. I mean I hustle hard. I'm a freakin' boss. With all that hustle and grind, sometimes I forget to treat myself.  

I'm a true believer in good work ethics but I'm also a true believer in self care.  Not matter if you're a business owner, student, have a career or a mom, you deserve a break.   You deserve a little treat every now and then. Hey you work hard girl, you deserve it. Don't neglect yourself. If you're concerned about a budget, set a online savings account like Qapital or Digit.  Make a special "Treat Yo Self" fund.  Be dedicated to you!  Get a massage, get a mani/pedi, a facial, a milky bun from Afters...whatever your pleasure. Reward yourself for being super awesome.  

Save up. Stack yo chips and at the end of the month...you already know what to do Treat Yo Self.  Trust me, life will be a little sweeter because you will enjoy the reward of working hard.