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Give Yourself Grace

Updated: Jan 3

In 2015, I had a great idea to launch a Coworking space. I spoke with a friend, she jumped on board and it was go. I’ve always been an entrepreneur in the music industry but this was new territory for me. I’m a Go Getter and I was ready to achieve my dreams. Right before I signed my lease, my mom passes away suddenly. I was devastated but I pushed my way through and started a business. I was super excited about launching my Coworking Space but I didn’t realize how much I was grieving. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t dealt with my loss. But I kept going.

About year or so in, I noticed that I wasn’t the same. Even though I was actively growing my biz, I was in a fog. Going through the motions but not 100% percent me. I did whatever I had to do to get it done but inside I was sad about my mom dying. I wasn’t excited about business, dreams or crushing my goals. Motivation and inspiration was low. Yes I got things done but I was just checking off the boxes.

I had an epiphany, I realized, I didn’t even grieve my mom. I didn’t take the time to process her dying. I jumped into a business but now looking back I should have paused and processed. It took me some time to get out of the fog.

I gave myself grace and begin the healing process. I was concerned that I’d never be that woman again. The one that was super motivated, the dream launcher. But I remembered my purpose and believed when the time was right, in God’s time, I’d get back to my entrepreneurial self.

This year, I’m soooo excited about several business that I am launching. I’m not the old me, I’m a BETTER ME! I can’t wait to share. But today, I want to tell you…whatever you are experiencing, if it’s hurt, pain, loss of a loved one, a mate, a friend or a business, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. Don’t rush the process. Heal. Whatever God has for you will be there on the other side of your healing.

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