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Schedule That!!

Have you ever woke up exhausted? Even when you’ve had a great night of sleep. Yeah. That’s me. Freakin’ Tired.

Why am I so beat? Ugh. Well…let’s see, I have my own business, work my side hustle…then repeat. I’m on my grind like errrday but I don’t schedule time for me. (that’s a problem). Some may say everyday is a me day for you girl. A boss. Self employed. You don’t clock in. You don’t work for “the man”! Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes as a boss, we hustle and sometimes I forget about self care. No Bueno!

True Confession: We need a break and we know it but why don’t we take it. I know it’s hard to find the time to do it but if you don’t willing take the break, your body will take break on it’s on. And then it will be all bad.

So it’s time to take a break. Even if it’s for a day. Even if it’s a staycation or what I like to call a mental health day. You need a day to relax and recharge. You deserve It! Hey I deserve it. So slow down long enough to pick up your phone, text or email whoever you need to run your business, schedule a ME Day, put it on the calendar and stick to it. Don’t reschedule your ME time.

While your waiting for that day to come, take a little time in the morning or in the evening, even if it’s 15 minutes to clear your mind, take a deep breath and meditate. Take a bath. Fill the room with candles and some soothing music and getaway just for a moment until your ME Day arrives.

So yaaaaaaas girl. Take a minute to #schedulethat

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