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“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” - Brene' Brown

It's your life. Be your authentic self by living a passionate life that aligns with your values and beliefs. Be You!

Public Speaker


From soul care to owning your story, embrace who you are so you can show up confident as your authentic self.

Working from Home


For the aspiring, I'm starting over or reinventing myself leader. Let's partner together to help you build your confidence so you can be your best self.

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Empowerment workshops building self confidence, healing, community and support.


Own Your Shine!

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Own Your

Everyone has story.  Sometimes it’s hard to own our story because of fear, concerns of being judged, we walk around with shame and embarrassment. Not speaking our truth.  Saying we’re ok, when we’re really not.


It's time to get your confidence back.  Life comes with challenges but don't let your them cheat you out of your dreams.  It's time to embrace your story and own your power, so you can become the person you were designed to be.   Ehmandah believes that everyone has a light.  Sometimes life dims our light causing us to walk in self doubt which ultimately holds us back from being our authentic self.  In the journey of self discovery, there are four steps to Owning Your Shine:

  • Own Who You Are

  • Believe In Who You Are

  • Speak Your Truth

  • Show Up Confident in the World

Ehmandah delivers a life changing story that will help you understand that embracing your story is a journey.  When you fully embrace who you are and your story, you will develop the courage to let your light shine.  


Nichol Whiteman, CEO 
LA Dodgers Foundation

Ehmandah challenged us and helped us become better listeners and more empathetic to each other and the populations we serve. We are grateful for the workshop with Ehmandah and are looking forward to collaborating again in the future.

Deborah Jankans Davis, President
The Links Incorporated

Ehmandah used real life experiences to inspire her audience. Her energy and enthusiasm during her presentation kept the audience engaged and motivated. Ehmandah’s knowledge was very informative and encouraging. Her words empowered our viewers and inspired them to step out and try new things.

Amber Inclan, President
Soroptimist International SD/LV

Ehmandah was magic. She exudes such passion, energy, and authenticity. Her Keynote speech “Ready.Set.Glow” was truly inspiring. Ehmandah has an amazing ability to connect with her audience. It’s as if she were speaking directly to you. 

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


I will never be the same.  I felt loved and seen from the moment I hit the door.  Ehmandah's workshop encouraged me to do the painful but necessary work to heal.



Client Rave


let's work

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair." - Shirley Chisholm

You don't need an invitation.  It's time for you to find the courage to create your own path, show up and become the person of your dreams. Let's walk together to unlock your divine shine.

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